Kathleen Mitchell

Kathleen began working in glass in 1981 inspired by the images, palette, passion and commentary of Paul Marioni’s work.

Early in her career at the glass Mecca, Pilchuck (north of Seattle) she fused, slumped and cold fabricated with Michael Cohn and Molly Stone and worked in casting and sculpture with Irish artist, Clifford Rainey.  In addition, the summers at Pilchuck provided inspiration with exposure to Artists in Residence Italo Scanga and Bertil Vallien.

In 1984 she learned to blow glass with Henry Halem at Kent State.  The frozen water pipes of a single winter in Ohio drove her back to Southern California but not before embracing Henry’s philosophy that “The Role of the Artist is to Raise Questions, Question Authority and Just Generally to Raise Hell”. 

She currently produces her furnace work at her private studio at the Bread& Salt center for the arts

Kathleen is an instructor of both glassblowing and lampworking at her private studio.

To view Kathleen’s work please visit: www.kathleenmitchellglass.com


Art Hell - Metals

Art-Hell is a collaborative effort between Rich StewART and Kathleen MitcHELL.

Rich Stewart

Rich began working in metal in his early teens, focusing on constructed, functional art, but always with an eye towards abstraction.

After many years away from metal he learned metal casting from Tobias Flores at UCSD.  Rich takes his inspiration from the work of Julio Gonzalez, David Smith, and those contemporary sculptors who pour their own iron and embrace risk.

He currently produces his metal work at a private studio and Iron Pours throughout the western half of the United States.

Rich is an instructor of metal casting and metal sculpture at his private studio.