I painted as a child, and created functional metal art in my early teens, receiving numerous awards. Focusing on technical education and subsequent career, I spent the next 20 years away from art. I found myself eventually returning to metal, yet locked in the creation of functional/decorative work.  I traveled through the United States coastal centers and Europe, studying the works of many great sculptures in the museums throughout, and became fixated on the works of Julio Gonzalez and David Smith. In time I found and was instructed in metal casting, culminating with iron. The collage of cast, constructed and found objects both tied my thoughts together and enabled me to lose all function from the forms I create.

                                                                                                    Rich Stewart





Select Group Exhibitions:

-Rock, Paper, Scissors,  “BLATANT “

oNovember 2006,  Ocean Beach California

-Del Mar State Fair

oJune 2007, Del Mar California

-UCSD Crafts Center Faculty Show, “Del Mar”

oOctober 2007, La Jolla California

-Patrick Moore Gallery, “Dangerous Art”

oOctober 20, 2007, San Diego California

-Del Mar State Fair

oJune 2008, Del Mar California

-Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, “Tiny Iron”

oJune 2008, Aurora Colorado

-Toast Gallery, ongoing exhibition

oJuly 2008, Paris, France

-Iron Tribe, ongoing traveling exhibition

oOctober 2008, United States

-UCSD Crafts Center Faculty Show, “35”

oOctober 2008, La Jolla California

Solo Exhibitions:

Java Beach - August 2007, Ocean Beach California

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-Metal Museum, “Contemporary Cast Iron”

oNovember 2008, Memphis, Tennessee

-Southern California Art Glass Society, “Mix It Up”

oNovember 2008, San Diego California

-Spanish Village Art Center, “Small Image Show”

oJanuary 2009, San Diego California

-Art of Framing, “Idol Worship”

oMarch, 2009, San Diego California

-            Fallbrook Center for the Arts, “Extreme Art”

       o    September, 2009, San Diego California

-UCSD Crafts Center Faculty Show, “Menagerie”

oApril, 2010, La Jolla California

-Iron Tribe, gallery exhibition

oFeb 2011, Las Vegas, NM

-            Fallbrook Center for the Arts, “All’s fair”

       o    March, 2011, San Diego California

-        Spanish Village Art Center, “Small Image Show”

oJanuary 2012, San Diego California

-        Fort Hays State University, “Western Cast Iron Art Conference” - Juror’s award

oMay 2012, Hays, KS

-       Noel-Baza Fine Art

oNovember 2012, San Diego, CA